July 20, 2011

Storm: The Infinity Code - by E. L. Young

Alex Rider would love to join STORM, but he's probably not smart enough.  Yes, he's a brave adolescent English boy who gets roped into the international spy scene, just like the kiddos in this book, but he's a little bland for this group.  STORM is three exceptionally intelligent fourteen year olds in London who, as you would expect, need to save the world.  There's Will, the inventor, Andrew, the computer programmer, and Gaia, who is multilingual, has a photographic memory, and is really good at blowing things up.

This is a fabulous series, created by a technical science writer who decided to branch out and have some fun, which is exactly what the readers will find themselves doing as well.  It's brainy, fast-paced, mysterious, and just emotional enough to tone down the wild technological and planetary geek-speak.  Read this if you're curious about black holes, spies, inventions, Russian grandmothers, explosives, cutting-edge technology, or teens saving the world.


Ms. Yingling said...

The downside to this series is that there are books published in the UK that aren't available here. Ack!

Anonymous said...

There are 2 more good books in this series. I think you should read them they are STORM The Ghost Machine and STORM The Black Sphere.