April 19, 2011

Fish - by Gregory Mone

Here's a swashbuckling pirate tale, which I can never get enough of!  Fish is a farm boy who can't seem to get the hang of farm life, so his parents send him to the city to get a job.  Before long, the unlucky lad has lost his job, been taken prisoner on a pirate ship, and found himself in a perilous fight against a violent, skillfull, stinky pirate who wants him dead.  How Fish handles himself in this precarious situation and what he does to win the trust of the ship's captain and crew are the heart of this exciting and heartwarming story, and make this a must-read.

This story will have you wanting to take to the sea yourself, with the excellent writing about life on board a 19th century pirate ship.   It's truly an adventure tale, with a main character that you will end up cheering for, who fights with his heart and his head, not his fists. Although the setting is long ago, the writing is crisp, fresh, and modern. I hope we see much more from Gregory Mone!

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Ms. Yingling said...

I'll have to take a look at this. You might look into the Powder Monkey series is you still want to go to sea!