March 2, 2011

The Valley of Secrets - by Charmain Hussey

A secret English estate, overgrown and without visitors for half a century, is suddenly the center of a slow-paced adventure involving one teen boy, a collection of mysterious animals, and a 60-year-old journal.  Young Stephen, an orphan, must uncover the secrets of his own past while at the same time learning the amazing position has been thrust into, keeper of a very old and important secret.  

This excellent book takes the olden style of storytelling, letting the tale unroll at its own pace, slowly and with plenty of juicy bits to leave you hanging on for what comes next.  The author is an anthropologist, which shows in her careful description of the people and history of a certain Amazonian tribe.  The characters, both human and animal, are intriguing and lovable, and it's a story that will both hold your attention and capture your heart.

Read this if you love secrets, mysteries that unravel slowly, botany, South America, Cornwall, or simply touching stories.

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