February 7, 2011

Savvy - by Ingrid Law

Mibs Beaumont is just your average girl heading toward her 13th birthday, except for the fact that she's about to discover what hidden special power she has. Will she be able to shoot electricity out of her fingers like her brother Rocket, or make the weather go crazy like her brother Fish?  What will her "savvy" be, and will it help her to rescue her father as his body lays broken from a terrible accident?  This is the story of a girl trying to find out what makes her special, and about a family that is anything but ordinary, trying to solve a problem that none of them are prepared for.  It is also a wild ROAD TRIP story in which a whole cast of unlikely characters come together for an adventure they will never forget.

This book is not what I expected, but so much better.  You will never forget the characters, and you'll laugh, cry, and holler right along with them as they tear across Kansas in a pink bible-selling bus, trying to make the world right.

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Momo said...

Thanks Mr K I loved this one so much. You can really see the places in this writing - the bus, the motel, the trailer park. I agree Mibs is a character who will stay with me for a long time. Have you read any other books by this author?