August 26, 2010

Big Nate: In a Class by Himself - by Lincoln Pierce

This is an interesting graphic novel alternative to the Wimpy Kid series.  Nate is your average over-confident 6th grader, and this comic brings us into his world.  When Nate opens a fortune cookie to discover that he is destined to "surpass all others," he sets off to make that happen, which disastrous and hilarious results.  Nate is not a wimpy kid like Greg Heffley, he is a loudmouth trouble-making goofball who young readers are sure to love.

I can't say I approve of the way this book talks about teachers and school food, but I laughed so hard at some parts that I nearly cried, so that's something.  Check it out if you want to read a funny school story and love comics and cool illustrations.

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