August 30, 2010

Adam Canfield of the Slash - by Michael Winerip

I'm a newspaper guy.  I run my school's newspaper, I wrote for my college newspaper, I read them, and I loved The Landry News by Andrew Clements, until now my favorite newspaper book.  Move over Cara Landry, because Adam Canfield is kicking butt and writing articles!

This is basically the story of a kid who went from being the star reporter for his school's newspaper to being co-editor, and being swamped with the responsibility of his new job.  Along with his coeditor, he discovers some hidden crimes and has to find the missing information and the courage to publish the truth, even if it gets him in more trouble than he's ever imagined.  Fast paced and full of interesting looks at the world of reporters, this book will have readers wanting to start their own newspapers.

This book has some elements of an Andrew Clements book:  Smart kids who have some trouble and have to solve it on their own, adults who are not only dumber than the kids, but more nasty and trouble-making, and an ending that somehow finds hope and happiness after you thought all was lost.  It's a great school story, but also an enjoyable book for anyone who believes that kids are capable of much more than we usually assume.

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Momo said...

Thank you Mr K for directing me to this wonderful wonderful book I just adored it! Yes I agree it was even better than Frindle. Have you read any of the others? You might like to check out my momotimetoread review of Adam Canfield of the Slash I found heaps of teacher notes so other people like this book too. I spilt my tea on the book with only 16 pages to go it was agony to wait while it dried out.