July 30, 2010

Alvin Ho: Allergic to Camping, Hiking, and other Natural Disasters - by Lenore Look

Alvin is one nervous kid.  In fact, in his second grade class, he hasn't spoken a word all year!  Get him on his favorite topic, which is all the terrible things that could happen to him at every moment of his life, and he won't stop talking.  Alvin is a great character, stuck between a nosy little sister and a too-cool older brother, and his adventures had me laughing all through the book.  In this second book of the series, Alvin's dad decides to bring him camping, and this has Alvin totally freaked.  The way he deals with his fear and the hilarious things that happen on the trip are very fun reading.  This is a very realistic, likable character, and a great new series.

This is a great short novel for second, third, or fourth graders, though the writing is witty enough that anyone older is also likely to enjoy it.  One thing that could help a child reading this book is to learn a little about Henry David Thoreau before reading, or as his name pops up early in the book.  

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