September 17, 2009

City of Light, City of Dark - by Avi and Brian Floca

It turns out that the island of Manhatten in New York City was actually loaned to humans from the shape-shifting creatures called Kurbs hundreds of years ago.  As part of their agreement, the Kurbs will continue to let humans live on the island, and will provide them with heat and light, if each year a human is able to find a small item that the Kurbs hide somewhere on the island (a bus token), and return it to a secret location.  The year this story takes place, the human responsible for this is having a bit of trouble due to a nasty old man, a lying father, a curious boy, a loyal dog, and some spying birds.  Will she be able to find and return the token in time, or will the Kurbs take the island back, and allow the entire city to freeze to death?

This graphic novel is brimming with suspense, fantasy, heartbreak, and joy.  The characters are lovable and frustrating (except for the bad guy and his birds, who will get your blood boiling), the illustrations are AMAZING, and the story keeps you on the edge of your seat.   

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Anonymous said...

I really love this book. It is so interesting!!