August 16, 2009

Nightmare at the Book Fair - by Dan Gutman

Dan Gutman has been on fire lately, writing book after book (after book).  Unfortunately, that many books makes it likely that some will be better (or worse) than others.  This is not going to be the best book you've ever read.  In fact, it's kind of dumb.  However, the way it is told may hold your interest, and makes it worth reading. 

The main character is a kid who accidentally hits his head while helping set up for a school book fair.  He has some wild dreams in which he is transported to a number of different stories, each one representing a type of book genre.  He'll spend one chapter in an animal story, one in a mystery, one in a Western, another in a girl's friendship story, and of course he'll visit a science fiction story too.  It was amazing how many different types of stories the author came up with to include in this book.

Read this if you're curious about different genres, and want to see what the different types of books are like.  Choose the style in this book that you like best, then go find more books like that (written by different authors), and read happily.

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Mary said...

You're so right; this was a disappointing book.