June 14, 2009

Leon and the Champion Chip - by Allen Kurzweil

How does a dorky boy with a passion for potato chips outsmart the class bully, become a hero of his school, and have the best school year ever?  It's all in this book, and you're going to love it.   Leon and his two best friends have a number of adventures in their school, including trying to create a voodoo doll to gain control over the school bully.  Apparently they did this successfully in the first book in the series, Leon and the Spitting Image, but I didn't read that one, and it wasn't necessary to fully enjoy this tale.  The three kids encounter a wacky science teacher who decides that the class should study nothing but potato chips for the entire year, and this turns out to be  a very important part of the plot.  There are many other sub-plots too, and they tie together nicely by the end.

It's a book that reminds me of an Andrew Clements book mixed with Dork in Disguise by Carol Gorman.  The kids end up outsmarting the adults, and making it a happy ending, while making the adults learn something along the way.  Read this if you love potato chips, good stories where characters solve their own problems, if you are interested in science, or if you just like good books.

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