February 22, 2009

Lost and Found - by Andrew Clements

Wouldn't it be weird to have an identical twin, when your parents can't even tell you apart?  Imagine the trouble you could cause at school...  Well, that's just about what happens in this excellent book by Andrew Clements, one of my favorite authors of school stories.  Jay and Ray Grayson just moved to a new school, and Ray is sick on the first day.  Somehow it seems like the school made a mistake, because Ray isn't even on the attendance list!  Jay decides to take advantage of this, and from then on, the two twins act like there is only one of them.  You guessed it, they go to school on alternating days, Jay on Monday, Ray on Tuesday, and so on.  This could get pretty confusing, don' t you think?  Read this book to see how long Ray and Jay can pull this trick off, and what kinds of interesting situations they have to deal with along the way.

This book is even more interesting because it turns out Andrew Clements has twins of his own, so he really knows the kind of thing that can happen.  It's a great book, and another of this author's wonderful stories about daring children.

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Momo said...

Just discovered your marvellous blog I am doing something like this too but not as good as yours. I also love love love Andrew Clements. It takes time to get them in Australia but I have a great collection and now I know about a new one. I think Laundry News and Findle are still my favourites. Keep up the good work MR K I wish you were a teacher in my school.

Margot Avalon NSW Australia
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