April 25, 2008

Please Write in This Book - by Mary Amato

What happens when a fourth-grade teacher puts a blank notebook in the back of her classroom with these words written on the cover: "Please write in this book"? In this funny story, we get the answer to that question by reading the responses that the students actually wrote. (Remember that this is fiction, and the students weren't real, folks!)

This is a really interesting book, not just because of the great illustrations, but for the story it tells. The reader gets to watch a major classroom fight unfold, grow out of control, and then get solved, all within entries in the class notebook. From disgusting Luke, to fact-loving Milton and bossy Lizzy, every reader will find a character to love.

Read this book if you like to laugh, enjoy goofy illustrations, or just want a quick book that will bring a smile to your face. We can only hope that Ms. Amato (who also wrote The Word Eater and other books), will write more like this.