October 8, 2007

The Transmogrification of Roscoe Wizzle - by David Elliott

What would it be like to turn into a giant bug? It's a question you'll be asking yourself by the end of this funny (but weird) book.

Roscoe Wizzle is a pretty normal third-grader, at least he's always thought so. This story follows Roscoe as he mysteriously begins to turn into a bug, and his parents don't even notice. It's up to him and his brilliant best friend Kinchy to save everyone else in their town from the same fate.

This is a short book, with big words. It may be one of those books that actually makes you a little smarter by reading it. Along the way, you'll probably have some good laughs, too. The story is creative, but for a book that seems to be ideal for third and fourth graders, the vocabulary seemed a bit too awkward.