March 25, 2007

Clementine - by Sara Pennypacker

What has curly red hair, a baby brother with a million vegetable nicknames, and the ability to drive her teacher, principal, and neighbors absolutely bonkers? Third grader Clementine, of course! She is a spunky little girl who lives with her parents and brother in the basement of a large city apartment building, where her dad is in charge of maintenance. Clementine tends to think a little different than most people, and things she sees as perfectly fine (coloring her friend's head and hair bright red with ultra-permanent markers) don't make as much sense to other people. While most adults would use words like inattentive and hyperactive to describe her, kids would just say funny.

This charming book is basically a collection of related short stories about Clementine, describing a week of her life. Most of the incidents are very funny, but there are some tender moments too, and everything seems to work out in the end. It is a good book for readers looking for a laugh, especially those who enjoy Judy Moody and Junie B. Jones stories.