February 20, 2007

Snow Treasure - by Marie McSwigan

How could sledding save a country? It was the middle of winter in 1940, and the people of Norway couldn't remember the last time there had been such a long, cold, snowy winter. Hitler and the Germans had already taken over Poland, and the people of Norway believed that they were next. And then one night it happened, German soldiers appeared from sea and from the sky, adding Norway to the German Empire. The village where 12-year-old Peter Lundstrom and his friends lived had a large supply of gold that they had to keep safe from the Germans. The only way to get it to safety was to go right through the German camp. The solution? The children of the village would sneak the gold on a long sled ride down to the sea, past the German sentries, to where Peter's Uncle Victor waited with a boat that would take the gold safely to America. The only problem? There was $9,000,000 worth of gold bullion, which was many tons!

This book is for people who are interested in military fiction, historical fiction, and sledding! This book is good for readers third grade and older, who have some understanding of World War 2. Read this book if you're curious about how the unlikiest of children could become national heroes.

Special thanks to Billy, both for introducing me to this book, lending it to me to read, and for doing the brain-work for this recommendation!