February 23, 2007

The Last Holiday Concert - by Andrew Clements

Imagine that you are in sixth grade, a member of your school's chorus (choir), and preparing for the big Winter Concert. The students are so terrible and uninterested that the teacher just throws his hands in the air and says "That's it! I'm done! This concert is yours, and now you're in charge. Good luck." How would you and your friends react to that? Would the class become chaos, and the concert become a big joke? Would you beg the teacher to forgive you? Would somebody tell the principal?

In this incredible book by master storyteller Andrew Clements, the students don't do any of those things. Instead, they elect a leader, figure out how to take care of business on their own, and set off to have the best Winter Concert in all of history.

Like other Clements books, this story involves a teacher who learns a lot from the students, one student who achieves more than he ever thought he could, and an overall theme of kids finding ways to succeed, when the adults don't expect it. This is a great book for lovers of school stories, people who like reading about kids taking charge, anyone who has ever been in a choir concert, and for any reader who is a Clements fan. I'd recommend reading this book in December, before the holidays (just for the mood), but it will be a favorite no matter when you take it off the shelf.