January 20, 2007

Dork in Disguise - by Carol Gorman

Once a dork, always a dork? Not according to Jerry Flack, who decided to start his life at a new school as a Cool Kid, getting rid of his glasses, unfashionable clothes, and dorky reputation. Despite a little trouble seeing things (he wore glasses for a reason!), and with the help of his new nerdy friend Brenda, Jerry managed to become a cool kid after all, and he set his sights on Cinnamon, the cool girl of his dreams. In the end though, Jerry had to decide what was more important, fitting in with the cool gang, or being yourself.

This book is extremely funny, and will appeal to anyone who's ever wondered why other people were so much cooler. If you're a dork like Mister K, you'll be able to appreciate Jerry's situation, and will get a real kick out of this story. Science fans will find a lot to like as well, with the detailed description of Jerry's home-made hovercraft. This is a great book for any upper elementary reader who enjoys realistic fiction, and characters who are just like us, a little cool, but a little dorky too.

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