December 31, 2006

Stormbreaker - by Anthony Horowitz

Alex Rider was just a normal English schoolboy, studying hard, riding his mountain bike around, learning karate... until his uncle and only living relative was mysteriously killed. Soon Alex's world turned upside down as he discovered the truth about his uncle, and as he became the next young spy in the British Secret Service. Like a junior James Bond, Alex was forced to take part in a daring plot to save the British people from the most terrible enemy they had yet faced, but was he ready for the challenge?

This book is full of adventure, is fast-paced and captivating, and will steal the hearts of many readers who love stories about spies, crime, and tough teens. The book is written for teens, and has some advanced concepts and depictions of violence, but nothing too bloody or gorey, and acceptable for students as young as advanced fourth graders. It is a well-written tale that keeps you turning pages, anxious to see just how Alex will save himself and his country.

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