November 18, 2006

George's Marvelous Medicine

An old hag with pale brown teeth and brilliant unblinking eyes? These are the nice words that Roald Dahl uses to describe young George's grandmother, and you would cringe to hear the rest of his descriptions! When George's mother is gone shopping and George is left to take care of his wicked and nasty grandmother, this polite boy eventually decides he can't take any more of her terrible meanness. What happens next is so wild you'd never believe me if I wrote it, so you'll just have to read the book to find out for yourself.

In classic Roald Dahl fashion, this story shows how smart children can outsmart cruel adults when they need to, and in amazingly creative ways. This book is ideal for readers who love courageous and inventive children, funny writing, and incredibly clear description. Young writers can look to Mr. Dahl's use of words to help add sparkle to their own writing. Caution: Whatever you read in this book, don't try it at home!

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