October 8, 2006

Charlotte's Web - by E. B. White

This classic story by E.B. White tells the barnyard tale of a girl, a pig, a spider, and many other lovable characters fighting to save a life. The animals talk and make plans, the humans argue and do the weird things that humans always do, and the story moves along until the most unthinkable tragedy happens... but it's not what you think.

Mr. White is well known for the quality of his writing, and this book is a perfect example. He paints wonderful pictures in the reader's mind, and every time I read this story I find myself closing my eyes to imagine the landscape he creates. The reader learns to love each and every character, and in the end, is left with a bit of sadness, but lots of hope.

This is one of those books that seems quite easy, but that captivates readers of any age, and that delivers different messages and emotions to each reader. It really does deserve to be considered a classic.

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