September 2, 2006

Chasing Vermeer - by Blue Balliett

Have you ever read an ART MYSTERY? Make this your first. This is one of my all-time favorite books, along with the sequel, The Wright 3. The author, Blue Balliett, was a teacher herself, much like the teacher in the book, and lives in the same area in Chicago in which the story takes place. In short, two students (Calder and Petra) get involved in the search for a stolen painting, and use their unique problem solving abilities to track down the thief. This book is full of puzzles and mysteries, and the reader can use the clues in the pictures to help solve the puzzle. Speaking of the pictures, they're drawn by Brett Helquist (think Unfortunate Events), and are works of art themselves. This is a challenging book, and will be most rewarding for accomplished readers who love a challenge, who enjoy mysteries, and who appreciate famous art.

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Anonymous said...

I love Love LOVE this book. it was suspenceful yet easy to follow along! It also gave lots of information on Vermeer. I also loved the Wright3!