August 21, 2006

Nicholas - by Rene Goscinny

Nicholas was written in the 1970's by Frenchman René Goscinny, and illustrated by Jean-Jacques Sempé, a famous cartoonist. This hilarious collection of stories tell of a French schoolboy named Nicholas and his all-male classmates. I think that if Louis Sachar would try writing like Roald Dahl, and incorporate bits of the Madeline books (can you imagine?), Nicholas is what you'd expect as a result. Given the original audience, the book's vocabulary will be a bit strange and challenging for lower readers, but I think high 4th grade readers and above will love this book, especially anyone who would like a bit smarter version of the Wayside School books.

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Serena said...

Hi Mr. K.! I am your biggest fan.
Aside from your cat, that is.
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