August 23, 2006

Lion Boy - by Zizou Corder

Terrific! This story, the first in a series of three by mother/daughter author combo Zizou Corder (read the book jacket and you'll understand), is simply a fabulous adventure. Set in Africa, England, and around the world in the not-so-distant future, this book imagines what life will be like when we've used up all of our natural resources for energy and must live more simply, but also what could happen if the Corporation (a large corporation, if you can imagine) tried to take over the world. Our main character is a boy, Charlie, who makes unlikely friends and discovers some odd but useful abilities in his quest to find his captured scientist parents. Just trust me, it's a great book. This is ideal for fourth graders and up, and will appeal to those who like adventure, animals, courageous main characters, and fine writing.

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